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Walls For Justice, a Philadelphia based non profit under fiscal sponsorship with FNC Philly.

Our Story

Walls for Justice began painting unifying social justice messages on plywood boards that covered up the storefront windows, during the civil unrest and nationwide protests of 2020. Passersby wanted to help paint. Stores asked for messages of support for the community. Media shared our messages. Instead of anger and despair, our words, our art, became a symbol of hope.

Today businesses continue to support social change. Artists want to utilize their talent. Marginalized people want to feel empowered.  Walls for Justice continues to be a catalyst bringing all three together. We work in public spaces, schools, museums and partner with businesses to hire local artists to push the future forward by creating positive change through art. What change will you make to contribute to our world? 

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  • Grassroot– change happens within communities, our work should be displayed for the public or places for all to see.


  • Empowerment– giving voices to the unheard and continuing the conversation about racial injustice for brown and black people and other excluded groups.


  • Access to beauty – Art can reshape perspective and mood by restoring damaged forgotten spaces: Art we can create change.


  • Celebrating diversity – Diversity will be celebrated in our artwork 


  • Protesting with a paintbrush– all of our murals supports brown and black people and all other marginalized groups , our artwork will be created with volunteers; new way to show solidarity 

Our Values

Meet The Team


Samuel Rodriguez

Founder and Executive Director

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Webinars & Interviews


Spotlight Series: 

Welcome to Do lt Yourself Sis. This is the sixth episode of our Spotlight Series. We will be shining a light on the face behind the art 

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Mural Arts Presents:

Art of Activism: What is the role of art in advocacy & what motivates artists to become activists?

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Enso Presents:

Pivot Toward Possibility:

The Alchemy of Visionary Leaders to Turn Walls into Wings

Episode 3: Samuel Rodriguez, Founder of “Walls for Justice”

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Sunday Evenings with Lisa Barnes

Sunday Evenings talks to Samuel Rodriguez, founder of the not for profit organization, Walls for Justice, to discuss how he is using art to promote social change. 6-13-2021

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Our Words Heal Presents:

Our Words Heal: Latinx Creatives and The Art of Trauma Healing.

Listen to our Philly-based Latinx creatives, discuss uplifting the community through their work.

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2020 Reality Project

Local Philly teaching artist Samuel Rodriquez about how he started the non-profit #WALLSFORJUSTICE. He tells us some of the realities that hit the city during the COVID lockdown as civil unrest unfolded after the murder of George Floyd. 6-19-2021

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