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Why join us?

It is our mission to create impactful engagements between all people in a community with local

 Businesses, Artist, and Community Leaders.  



Businesses who work with us to create an art project, allows staff/team members to build comradery within their organization, while at the same time building relationships with the residents and community they serve. Boosting team moral, production, and engagement.

Bike Indego,
General Manager

“Our experience was excellent from start to finish and we couldn't be more happy with the final product!!!


The project has had a significant impact in boosting the morale of our staff and helping to put our core values front and center”.

IHeart Media,
Director Of Promotions

Sam and his team were extremely accommodating to all of our needs and were very quick with revisions.


Walls For Justice painted a 10 foot x 10 foot mural at our event and everyone at the event loved the work and the positivity.  Walls For Justice also created individual smaller pieces for personal invitations and the recipients were thrilled with the results

The Goldenberg Group - People Helping People Foundation, Director of Community Impact & Partnerships

Inspiring and Intentional - the founder of the program has inspired creativity, engagement and partnership among schools and organizations. TGG has worked with WFJ to design and implement murals that empower and mobilize the community within schools and commercial properties. We plan to continue working with Sam and his team for years to come. So thankful for the partnership.



Artist who collaborate with us are able to meet and network with other local artist to showcase their talents in a fun, understanding environment, all while contributing a lasting art project they can be proud of in a community


Vincent Bush,

I’ve been helping out with Walls for Justice for about two years now. It’s been a blessing to be part of an art community that supports local artists. Walls has helped me learn the ins and outs of painting a mural including the financial side. My favorite aspect about Walls our the paint days, where anyone is welcome to stop by and help paint a mural, no matter what your art talent is!

Jamee Grigsby,

Working with walls for justice has been the biggest leap in my career as an artist. They presented me with multiple projects that allow me to make connections, help my community, and progress as a muralist. It truly feels like I’ve joined a family of artists who worked to help each other be their best selves. Happy to be part of this team. 

Ziania Narvaez,

  WallsForJustice and its community have welcomed me and allowed me a chance to grow at my pace. Through hosting community paint days I have both learned how to engage members of ALL ages and meet other artists to bounce ideas off of. Through mural projects I have had the chance to share my creativity in public, cultivate leadership, and reach various personal goals. 



Community members and leaders who work with us to create an art project, are able to inspire hope, unity, and establish a sense of pride within their community. Bringing together neighbors who may have never interacted, and most importantly the youth with role models and sense of being and purpose. 

Kate Eckert,
Library Supervisior

The mural helps the library become more visible to the community and the community's spirit is bolstered by their artistic input being highlighted and put on display.

Abbe Joan

During our paint day, we engaged with members of the public who had not come to the library before. The finished results are stunning. Art in the library is always positive and adds to our welcoming atmosphere.

Robbie Long

WFJ helped my event be more inclusive in making art accessible to everyone during the event. The collaboration guided a community art engagement piece that was therapeutic and calming for everyone involved. The impact was powerful as people shared that they felt like artists and were happy to be involved in the exhibit!

Currn Opportunities



100% of all contributions are re-invested into projects, materials, and securing the growth of our message and vision of unity.

We respect and highly appreciate any and all contributions to our cause.

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